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Are you ready for the last outdoor boot camp of the season!

Custom Fitness bodyweight fitness class


Saturday October 6th will be the last outdoor bodyweight class of the year!  Come on out and enjoy the crisp outdoor air with us.

Stair fitness

As you know, climbing the stairs at work, the mall, or your home, is a better way of getting to where you want to go.  The benefits of stair climbing extend far beyond the calorie burn.  For example, regular paced stair climbing can burn up to 500 calories in one hour, while building muscle and strengthening your joints!  

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In about a week, this BLOG will no longer be up and active.  Please follow the link below to follow our NEW BLOG!  Just go to the bottom where the follow link is.

Burlington Fitness Boot Camp will be our new site.

Burlington Fitness Boot Camp

Have you been outside yet?!?


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Hey there,

Just in case you still haven’t been outside yet.  It’s pretty freakin’ hot.  Definitely to hot to To hot to exercisehave a class at the park tonight (sorry).

So as you can probably tell from that last sentence… Class is in the (air conditioned) studio tonight.

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Changing of the guard.

OK, it’s not really changing of the guard.  We’re all friends here.  We don’t need any guards.  (Unless it’s a day after a body weight class.  Then I’m the one needed a guard).

This will be one of the last posts from this site.  No, I’m not quitting my classes.  I’m just switching up the site name and starting new.Home Check Service


Jane and I call this time of year our new season/start for things at Custom Fitness.  This includes new programs (Men’s Yoga and a home check services) and cleaning out of the old (equipment not used) and bringing in the new (50lb Training bag, speed bag and Bo staffs for my men’s yoga).

It also means I wanted to start a new BLOG.  Getting rid of the TnT boot camp and starting the Burlington Fitness Boot Camp site.  I’m still getting it ready.  You’ll be able to follow like you ‘re doing with this site.

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-9-31-59-amSo until all this fun stuff happens… I’ll see you on Wednesday and get ready for a body weight class on Saturday.  (It is the first Saturday of the month).

A lot of fun and got a little (tire)d


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After working with a client, I thought It would be fun to try some new things for myself.

Guess what I’ll be bringing to the class on Saturday?

Saturday outdoor fitness class


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Here’s the fun we had today at the high level bridge stairs.

Come on out to our classes on Monday and Wednesday nights (6-7) or Saturday morning’s (9-10).  Your first class is complimentary from Custom Fitness.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll get you all set up for your first class.


Outdoor fitness class update


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Hey there,

I thought I’d just send you a quick update on what’s happening with us over the next little bit.Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 7.55.48 AM

First off, remember that there is NO class tonight.  

If you show up at the park and still want to do something, the stairs are at the back.  🙂

Thank you for everyone who was able to come, Saturday’s body weight boot camp was great.

See what were up to on our Instagram page.

Next Saturday’s class is (hopefully) going to be at the high level bridge stairs.  We’ll meet at the Dundurn Castle parking lot and walk down from there.

Custom Fitness will be on holidays from Aug 19th to Sept 5th.  August 18th will be the last class before our holiday’s.

Custom Fitness Burlington Yoga classMid September will also be the start of Jane’s yoga classes. More details will be sent out regarding this.  If you are interested in joining us for Jane’s yoga, please send a note soon.  There is limited space and you’ll want to save your spot.

New classes are in the works as well.  Suspension training and Yoga for men (using a Bo Staff).  I’m looking forward to seeing you in our new classes.

Packages are going to be available if you wish to come to more than one type of class.

Stay tuned for more information and please follow along on our Instagram page.